Original TV Plot I – Aryans

Aryans – Character Profile

Character name: #1  Main Old Guy
Age:   (Actual) 462 human years     (Visible) 30-35 years
Eye Color:  blue

Appearance: Custom. Long black hair(which is tied into a choti),rough square faced with slight beard and a pointy moustache.wears glasses, round gandhiji types and wears gloves on his hands. NO scars and things on face.Perfectly smooth skin (where ever exposed) Yellowish dirty looking short Kurta. Dark brown leather pants and dirty black boots. Long brown overcoat and a hat. smokes a pipe always

Background: Came to India with the Mughals.Scholar in medicine, astronomy and earth sciences.Special interest in Vedas and Puranas resulted him in learning Yoga. This allowed him to control and master cell regeneration in his body, thus preventing aging of his body.

Character name: #2 Main Muscle Guy
Age: (Actual) 29 human years
Eye Color: black-brown

Appearance: Jeans.Tight Black t-shirt. sunglasses. cigarette. moustache. sports shoes.Extremely short brown hair like the hero in Duke Nukem game. Face is extremely charming with boyish looks but hardened due to prison time he spent.little pointy and curved on top and sides.Has a tattoo running across his back, black crossed swords from the logo of Indian Army.

Background: Member of the special intelligence task force.Had had killed a superior officer during an infiltration.Refused to plead innocent during his court martial.Had lots of secret govt information, thus imprisoned in a military confinement in a secret location for the rest of his life.