My First Magazine Article @ NTU!

My First Magazine Article @ NTU!

Sifting through my old hard drive found this – my very first article for a NTU magazine! (and probably the only one I ever wrote while in NTU)

I wanted to put the article in text and images below but I love how incredibly bad the layout  was for some student run magazines back then and how much the focus on UI/UX and layout has risen over the past few years.

I wrote 2 sections in the magazine:

  • Technology Review about the rise of smartphones, key players and what to expect in the next few years (DISCLAIMER: the prediction about the Morph concept went horribly wrong! Although wearables have picked up a lot in the past year)
  • How the future world will look like and what can we expect to come out of science fiction books and movies (Luckily I did get a lot of it right this time! Autonomous cars, holographic projections, better AI, Internet of Things,etc. )

So hit the link below for some blast from the past!!