Drunk Dude Goes Home :D

Drunk Dude Goes Home :D

Recently a friend of mine Eugene Soh, who btw is an amazing photographer, tried his hand at game design. As he puts it in his website, “Inspired by true events”, he came up with a game called “DRUNK DUDE GOES HOME”.

In this game the rules are simple:

– use your mouse to direct the drunk guy back to his home.

– on your way collect as many beers as you can.After collecting a certain number of beers, you get the ability to puke! Using this you can puke on incoming people and other obstacles

– at the end of every stage you have a taxi waiting which then takes you to the next stage. (at the stage transition you are greeted by a hilarious “PUKE UNLOCKED” screen 😀

This game would truly remind you of the countless nights that you spent when you were drunk and the worst part would be getting back home.Its damn cool so do give it a try once by hitting the game link below!

GAME -> http://drunk.dude.sg/

EUGENE’S WEBSITE -> http://dude.sg/

P.S. : For those of you who have some free time, do check out his artistic photographs on his website.Its just amazing!