My First Media Appearance

In Dec 2004, the local section of The Telegraph newspaper ran a story about National Creativity Olympiad 2004 being held in the city of Jamshedpur by the city chapter of Institution of Engineers. It featured my team who had reached the finals and as part of that had built a 4.5 feet tall platform from 3 regular newspapers, able to withstand a combined weight of 8 kgs!


I still remember the excitement of reaching the finals and then how our team came up with a such a radical design of the platform (as seen in the picture)! It was quite absurd because it towered above what others had built & still could withstand so much weight (the next tallest structure in the room was only around a feet high!).

Here is the original story as it appeared in The Telegraph article:

PDF version: The Telegraph – Calcutta _ Jamshedpur

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