OK I might have gone overboard with the title but the gist is that I usually come across and curate a personal list of links, tools, websites, images, videos, songs, etc.

Sometimes I bookmark them, sometimes I am distracted and the resource is lost forever. So in order to get some order into the randomness, decided to put it in a small list – things I come across during a whole week of “browsing”.

(since this the first one so will probably end up being a small one as trying to get my head around how I want to categorize and share stuff!)


https://github.com/lukesnowden/FSVS – Pretty sweet full page scrolling library (Trending on Github currently)

https://github.com/google/material-design-icons – Love where Google is going with this!

https://github.com/feross/webtorrent – Haven’t tried it out myself but looks cool. Starred it! Will check it out later!


First of all, I will most likely NOT be putting individual links to Youtube videos (since I think there are already WAYY too many websites which do that!) but instead will pen down interesting channels or my own subscriptions + some non-youtube-lying-in-the-unknown videos

To start off, my current channel subscriptions:

…TBC in the next iteration of the list!