NTU Minor in Entrepreneurship – My Application Essay!

Entrepreneurship, according to Wikipedia, is defined as: the practice of starting new organizations or revitalizing mature organizations, particularly new businesses generally in response to identified opportunities

The Minor in Entrepreneurship Programme in NTU is one of the best minor programmes offered here and also its standard is comparable to the same programme offered in the best B-schools and universities spread across the globe. According to me an entrepreneur is a person with an enthusiastic vision, which is the driving force of an organisation. I have always been a persistent, determined and a highly responsible person, which I think are a few of the qualities required in an entrepreneur.From my past experiences I have learnt that I have the natural inclination towards becoming the leader of any group activity that I take upon. Moreover, I have found that I am a positive thinker who is always trying to come up with solutions to problems rather than creating them and when I come up with a solution, I do not hesitate to execute it, which in turn displays my decision making capabilities.

But the reason why I am hoping to be selected for this minor programme is that somewhere I feel that I have an urge and passion to be an entrepreneur. According to me entrepreneurship is not only what is stated in the definition by Wikipedia but it is also something which brings out a much stronger and self-sufficient person from within.I hope that if I am selected for this Minor programme, then after its completion I would be a much knowledgeable person and would have the required skills and confidence to go ahead with the dreams and plans that I make in life as an entrepreneur.

Original TV Plot II – Aryans

Aryans – Episode 1

Weather: Heavy rains with lightning and thunder
Date: December 21, 2011 (around 11:00 PM )
Location: A military confinement unit in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, outside Port Blair, hidden by the forest.

Scene opens with lightning and thunder in the sky, along with heavy torrential rain. There are guards patrolling the area with watchdogs and flashlights, on top of 4 large watchtowers on the four corners of the penitentiary unit. A military helicopter lands inside the compound. A person in a long overcoat,boots and a hat covering his face comes out and enters the main building. Only his silhouette can be seen.

Flash of lightning

Scene shifts to a dark cell, deep underground the main building. The outline of a man sitting on his bunk can be seen. From the outline it can be seen that the man is a tall person, with a muscular body. He is wearing the white striped shirt often worn by prison inmates in Indian prisons.Occasional lightning lights up the cell. There is a very small ventilation window on the top of a wall directly opposite the prison cell door.Water is trickling down from there.

Footsteps of a guard seem to be becoming louder and louder. Light from the guard’s torch fills up the path between the adjacent prison cells. The guard stops in front of the prison door.Shines the light inside the cell onto the man.

GUARD 1: You there! Wake up! The warden has called you. There is someone here to see you. Get up and keep up you hands behind your head.


The man gets up. Keeps his hands behind his head and stands away from the cell door. The guard then opens the door and signals the man to come out with his hands still behind his head and walk ahead. The man then walks ahead with the guard pointing a gun at him, walking behind. They walked through a long narrow corridor which was dimply lit with a few light bulbs. Trickling of rain water could be heard in the background, with flashes of lightning.

Climb a couple of stairs and then reach a door. The door is being guarded by two armed guards.

GUARD2 (to guard 1): That would be all. We will take care of him from now onwards.

GUARD1: Be careful! He’s a clever and strong bastard. (smiles and goes away)

CONVICT: (grins) Now will you get this done quickly or do you want me give you a little hand


The guard’s smile fades away and then he opens up the door while the other guard shoves the man inside.Inside the small room is a table in the centre with a few papers and two mugs with hot coffee in them.There are two chairs and the person with the long overcoat and hat can be seen standing in one corner of the dimly lit room.

The convict sits on the chair.

MYSTERIOUS PERSON: Tomorrow morning someone is going to be hanged in this prison, another promising life lost….do you know who is that person?

CONVICT: Ah! That would be me Your Royal Highness. (he said cheerfully). (Modd changes to one of extreme serious) Now if you stop bothering me with ridiculus questions, I will be leaving to prepare for my last sleep.


Saying this he gets up, but the mysterious person signals him to sit. The he says:

MYSTERIOUS PERSON: I don’t like bullshitting. So cutting to the chase, I right now have the complete authority to make the decision of your life or death. But since I am in such a cheerful mood today, I will give this power to you.

CONVICT: HAHAHAHA (loud laugh) life’s irony at its best.What do you want me to do instead Mister?

MYSTERIOUS PERSON: I know what happened back then…..


Scenes flashback for the convict of the day when he shot down his superior

… and so I would like to give you the oppurtunity to serve your country, your motherland once more.Tell me CONVICT, do you still have it in you to kill or be killed for your motherland?

Original TV Plot I – Aryans

Aryans – Character Profile

Character name: #1  Main Old Guy
Age:   (Actual) 462 human years     (Visible) 30-35 years
Eye Color:  blue

Appearance: Custom. Long black hair(which is tied into a choti),rough square faced with slight beard and a pointy moustache.wears glasses,round gandhiji types and wears gloves on his hands. NO scars and things on face.Perfectly smooth skin (where ever exposed) Yellowish dirty looking short Kurta. Dark brown leather pants and dirty black boots. Long brown overcoat and a hat. smokes a pipe always

Background: Came to India with the Mughals.Scholar in medicine,astronomy and earth sciences.Special interest in Vedas and Puranas resulted him in learning Yoga. This allowed him to control and master cell regeneration in his body, thus preventing aging of his body.


Character name: #2 Main Muscle Guy
Age: (Actual) 29 human years
Eye Color: black-brown

Appearance: Jeans.Tight Black t-shirt. sunglasses. cigarette. moustache. sports shoes.Extremely short brown hair like the hero in Duke Nukem game. Face is extremely charming with boyish looks but hardened due to prison time he spent.little pointy and curved on top and sides.Has a tattoo running across his back, black crossed swords from the logo of Indian Army.

Background: Member of the special intelligence task force.Had had killed a superior officer during an infiltration.Refused to plead innocent during his court martial.Had lots of secret govt information, thus imprisoned in a military confinement in a secret location for the rest of his life.