Dino Fever!

Sufficient time has passed since the last social experiment with the “owl” as a pet. This time I wanted to pay a tribute to either the Jurassic Park movies OR the Star Wars movie, both of which have recently released trailers for their upcoming movie in the series.

Ultimately, the dinos won the argument and our hearts. George and I searched though a list of iconic scenes from the first movie and came up with the one below.

P.S. We have added a storyboard of images to show the transition this time from the original to the modified version.


Owls in the house!!

rohit_owl george_owl soum_owl

OK *DISCLAIMER* – we didn’t actually get any real owls for this and no animals were harmed in the filming of this media content.

Classic case of one thing leading to another, George and I were talking about easy it can be nowadays to fool people into thinking that you have gone on a awesome holiday to some exotic country like New Zealand by downloading some high res pics and photoshopping yourself into it (with an appropriate number of Instagram filter applied post production!).