Dabbling with Raspberry Pi

I was trying to get my hands on a Raspberry Pi since last year but ordering it via Element 14 (ex. Farnell) – Link to buy online – seemed like it would take ages! So last week I went to the IT Show @ Expo and found a small shop selling new Raspberry Pi Model B at S$ 59 !

My Setup

  • 1 Raspberry Pi Model B
  • 1 Keyboard & Mouse
  • 1 60″ Samsung TV with HDMI port
  • 1 Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile charger
  • 1 LAN wire to connect to the router

Guide to setup the Pi

Official Guide from Raspberry Pi Org!

Some extra comments:

Edit the raspi-config (sudo raspi-config)

  1. Enabled expand_rootfs. This helps to use your SD card’s full space (if you are using NOOBS.zip then this option is enabled by Default)
  2. Disabled overscan (allows full HDMI display)
  3. Set configure_keyboard (Set Timezone to your local timezone, set keyboard layout to Generic 105 US Layout or UK layout  and ensure the encoding is UTF-8)
  4. Set change_pass (sets new password for the root user ‘pi’)
  5. Enabled ssh
  6. Enabled boot_behaviour (in order to boot to startx server or LXDE desktop directly)

Voila! The raspberry pi is now live and running!

So, what to do next?

The first thing I did is run 2 commands to update my libraries and utilities – sudo apt-get install update & sudo apt-get install upgrade

The next thing I did is get my Raspberry Pi online!

  1. Created a new directly called “RaspberryPi” and put a index.html file inside it.
  2. Then. ran the following command : python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080
  3. Hurray! Now I have functioning web server and my Pi is online! http://localhost:8080


Easy-Peasy Android to Mac USB Tethering


Just came across this amazing driver HoRNDIS done by Joshua Wise . This driver solves the age old problem of tethering Android devices to Mac via USB in order to share the 3G/4G data connection of your phone.

Steps to get it working:

  • Download the latest release version for the driver via this link http://joshuawise.com/horndis 
  • Connect your Android Phone to your mac
  • Goto the “Tethering and Portable Hotspot” section in your Settings. (For some phones you might have to fish for it in the Settings menu)
  • Enable “USB Tethering” option.
  • The “Network Preferences” pops up on your Mac screen with the Android connection added to the list of connections.
    • Some users (like myself) might have to click “Click the lock to make changes.” in order for the connection to happen – maybe some minor bug.
  • After a second or two, you can see the connection go GREEN.

The Wifi hotspot consumes terrible amounts of battery which I haven’t seen happening while in the USB Tethering mode (plus data connections are much faster!!)

By Rohit Jha


New Youtube Look!

Above is the new Youtube look!! Not sure whether this is just experimental or something which is a possible new iteration of the video giant. In any case , if you want it just follow the steps below:

Step 1

Open http://www.youtube.com in Google Chrome

Step 2

When the page has loaded completely, hit Ctrl+Shift+J (Windows) Alt+Command+J (Mac OSX) . This opens a panel below. Select the Console tab.

Step 3

Enter the following commands as shown below:

document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=jZNC3DCddAk; path=/; domain=.youtube.com”;window.location.reload();

New Youtube Look!

Step 4

 Hit Enter.Refresh the page.


VOILA! Welcome to the new design! 😀

Source: http://www.omgchrome.com/how-to-new-youtube/

Low Cost Multi-Touch Human Computer Interface – My FYP

I know I know I am late in putting this up.But yeah I have been busy the last couple of months settling in my new job at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

As a thinker and a creativist ( well atleast it exists in Urban Dictionary 😛 ), I have lots of ideas which come to mind. Most of them are so completely “sci-fi” that to do or make such a thing physics would have to be radically changed. But for a Final Year Project, I felt, its advisable for purposes of graduating and other grade replated stuff :D, to do “realistic,measurable” projects.

So as part of my Final Year Project at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore I decided to choose one of the most innovative and cutting edge projects that the department could offer – A Low Cost Mulit-Touch Human Computer Interface….for non-nerds..a touchscreen device.The citation of my project has been put after the break.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 4.22.04 PM


Drunk Dude Goes Home :D

Recently a friend of mine Eugene Soh, who btw is an amazing photographer, tried his hand at game design. As he puts it in his website, “Inspired by true events”, he came up with a game called “DRUNK DUDE GOES HOME”.

In this game the rules are simple:

– use your mouse to direct the drunk guy back to his home.

– on your way collect as many beers as you can.After collecting a certain number of beers, you get the ability to puke! Using this you can puke on incoming people and other obstacles

– at the end of every stage you have a taxi waiting which then takes you to the next stage. (at the stage transition you are greeted by a hilarious “PUKE UNLOCKED” screen 😀


This game would truly remind you of the countless nights that you spent when you were drunk and the worst part would be getting back home.Its damn cool so do give it a try once by hitting the game link below!

GAME -> http://drunk.dude.sg/

EUGENE’S WEBSITE -> http://dude.sg/

P.S. : For those of you who have some free time, do check out his artistic photographs on his website.Its just amazing!

My Web Presence

The best way I think nowadays to make yourself be present on the web is to have a URL of ur own. On his first class for EN105, my professor Mr. Roderick Chia told me that the most important thing a nowadays is to secure a URL much before your start implementing your business idea. That is HOW IMPORTANT is a URL these days.

So I went ahead and bought one for myself last year…



To waste or not to waste?

Recently I have grown to agree with what Einstein said :  “Time is like a meandering river,slowing down,speeding up and sometimes splitting into different streams.” I seem to have a lot of time on my hand with practically nothing to do. Leong, the guy who lives next to me in Hall 16 suggested that I see this TV show called Fringe.

A fantastic show it turned out to be dealing with an area called Fringe Science – science that operates beyond the limits of normal science. The actors are brilliant and the stories are completely new in every episode and also beautifully connected. This show finally got my brain kickin’ and I decided to take one topic which lies beyond the possibilities of “regular” science and then research upon it every week. So keep ur fingers crossed cause I am about to enter the world of possibilities……..